How To Choose White Coloured Contacts For Halloween?


The Halloween season is all about letting loose and having fun so you don’t want to interrupt your enjoyment with a costume malfunction that cramps your style or even causes lasting damage. If you are adding a pair of white Halloween coloured contacts to your costume then there are a few things to consider in order to help your Halloween events run smoothly.


Staying Safe With Halloween Coloured Contacts

Have you ever used contact lenses before? It can be scary to hear all the nightmare stories about Halloween coloured contacts going wrong but a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. To prevent your night from turning into an actual horror movie simply do your research. Make sure you know contact lens basics such as which lenses are right for you, how to insert and remove lenses, and how to correctly prepare your contacts for use. You can find plenty of advice and information in the Care Guides at So once you have selected your White Coloured Contacts you can read up on how to make sure you are ready for a safe Halloween.

It is also important to choose a reputable seller with a stock of FDA Approved Halloween coloured contacts and excellent customer care. On sites such as, you can choose from hundreds of safe Halloween coloured contacts that offer excellent comfort as well as quality pigmentation. The soft coloured contacts are lightweight and breathable just like a pair of regular lenses.

Trying on your lenses to test them out before you reach October 31st is a great idea as it gives you practice at inserting and removing them plus it will allow you to get used to the way they feel and look in your eyes. If you are planning to try them out beforehand, you may need to stock up on a couple of pairs if you are choosing daily single-use lenses.


Choosing White Coloured Contact Lenses

White Coloured Contacts are a popular choice during Halloween thanks to horror movies such as The Exorcist. Regan’s blanked-out possessed eyes are enough to give the most hardened horror movie fan the shivers and now you can re-create the effect with your own pair of white coloured contact lenses.

To match Regan’s creepy eyes, add a pair of White Blind Effect Lenses to your fancy dress. These lenses are designed to cover your pupil and iris in white colour, giving an eerie blank stare. As the name suggests, this style of lens will restrict or completely cover your vision but there are plenty of other styles to choose from that allow you to party away without your vision being covered.

Stranger Things Season 4 gave us fresh inspiration for Halloween. Vecna and his victim Max Mayfield wore White Blind Contact Lenses for the hit show and SFX makeup artists loved re-creating these characters. We may see even more Stranger Things-inspired costumes this Halloween so make sure to add extra detail to your cosplay or SFX makeup with a pair of White Blind Lenses.

The bestselling white Halloween lens is the White Zombie Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses which cover the iris in a white block but leave the pupil clear, allowing full vision. The versatile design pairs with plenty of Halloween characters and costumes. If you want to experiment with makeup then follow the trend for skeleton face paint and add your White Halloween Lenses. White eyes add to the hollowed-out look of an SFX skull.


Alternatively, to highlight the eyes in your skull makeup try the White Manson Coloured Contacts. These feature a black limbal (outer) ring paired with a white iris, adding definition to the eye. There are a few similar styles to the Manson Contact Lenses that offer a white iris with a black outer ring in a range of designs. This includes White Angelic Contacts and White Lunar Eclipse Contacts.

If you are looking for specialist contact lenses then there are plenty available on the market. Thanks to advances in colour technology you can get the best of both; a funky white lens design as well as a soft comfortable fit.

From popular anime characters to styles such as White UV Coloured Contacts, you can find niche lenses to suit your cosplay or light up your night. The UV Coloured Contacts are activated when under UV blacklight so if you are planning a photoshoot with UV paints or heading to a party with UV blacklighting then you will be able to get these lenses glowing.

Take your look to the next level with a pair of Cat or Dragon Eye Coloured Contacts in white. The vertical pupil completely transforms the look of your eye into that of an animal – perfect for causing a fright during Halloween!


Coloured contact lenses are often available in a range of durations so you can shop for a single-use pair of lenses just for Halloween or you can take part in the 31 days of Halloween makeup challenge – popular on social media. Join millions of makeup artists, creating a Halloween costume for every day of October to truly embrace the spooky season and make the most of this fun holiday. White Coloured Contacts aren’t just for Halloween, especially if you love cosplay or makeup art. The versatile designs of Halloween lenses may get your creativity flowing so if you are feeling inspired to keep creating then you can save money by stocking up on classic designs of reusable coloured contact lenses.

Stay safe and stay spooky this Halloween! Plenty has changed with Halloween coloured contact lenses since they first emerged onto the market. By choosing sellers that prioritise safety and learning how to correctly use contact lenses, your Halloween costume won’t turn into a nightmare. Look out for FDA Approved sellers that give you the confidence to shop with them. Once you have chosen a seller, search through their styles to find the perfect pair of White Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses to complete your Halloween costume.