Who is Thomas J. Kent Jr.?

Thomas is an International Banker and Movie Producer. He is the Chairman of Kent Global LLC & The Kent Family Office.

Kent Global provides services such as M&A (Merges and Acquisitions), LBO (Leveraged Buyouts), Pipe Financing, Asset Based Lending, Film Financing, Startup Funding for new businesses, Debt Financing, Joint Ventures, Infrastructure Financing, Commercial Real Estate Investing, Invoice Financing, Factoring Financing, New Construction Loans, Energy Financing, SBLC and BG Financing and many more.

Name: Thomas J. Kent Jr.

Nickname: T.J.

Birthday: October 8, 1976

Age: 46

Birthplace: USA

Net Worth: 50 million USD

Gender: Male

Nationality: USA

Source: m.imdb.com

Thomas was born on October 8, 1976 in the United States. He has completed his studies at United States and United Kingdom Universities. He is the son of the famous American Civil rights leader Thomas J. Kent, Sr. Thomas made his wealth in investment banking and real estate investing.

It is an overwhelming desire for every business to grow, but not all businesses understand how to proceed on this path. It is, therefore, pertinent to never walk the walk alone and seek to partner officially with experienced hands – hands like Kent Global LLC.

So whether it is growth investment, richer lifestyle, shares, property, fixed interest investments or other types of investment, Kent Global LLC is the company to trust. Kent Global LLC is an international and highly connected investment consulting firm with varied clients from all over the world that invest in movies, real estate and small-business lending. Their extensive clientele range from small to large businesses and start-ups to even international business institutions.

Kent Global LLC has over 25 years of investment and business consultancy experience upholding the highest standard of business ethics and standards. The company gains its upmost satisfaction in helping their clients reach their business goals which usually include, but are not limited to, growing their

enterprise, expanding to new markets, diversifying company programs and strategic positioning.

Source: m.imdb.com

To truly become leaders in the trade of high finance, Kent Global LLC has built well-thought-out relationships with some of the world’s biggest money managers, hedge funds, institutions and angel investors. One of which made the news recently was the joint venture partnership with real-estate developers all around the world. With Kent Global LLC, your business experience will be exceptional and unforgettable.

Mr. Kent is the founder, CEO and chairman of Kent Global LLC. Kent Global LLC is a boutique investment firm based in New York City. Mr. Kent, in his quarter century of professional work, has helped over 300 companies raise over 3 billion USD. Mr. Kent has continuously helped these firms achieve their goals by sharing his wealth of experience through consultations. In addition, he has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry. He holds degrees from both the United Kingdom and the United States universities.

Thomas J. Kent is an American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He is the co founder, founder and board member of New Star Capital Group, an investment firm concentrating in media and technology investments. He is also the co-founder and board member of Tiger Global, a global consulting firm specializing in helping organizations scale their businesses.

Source: imdb.com

Kent also wrote extensively on theological topics and was a member of the American freedom group for global business growth.

The Kent Family Office has investments in a slate of films that are set to come out in 2024 & 2024. The family office has invested more than 4 million dollars in film production, as of date. Producers and film makers continuously make their pitch to get funding on new and expanding film and TV shows from Kent Family Offices.

Mr. Kent is also actively moving into the world of international political lobbying. He has a Joint Venture partnership with one of the largest lobbying groups in the world.

Mr. Kent spends his time between New York, Los Angeles and London. With business interests in film, banking, real estate and now political lobbying. The Kent Family Office employs more than 3 people to efficiently handle the day to day operations of Mr. Kent investments.

Kent Global LLC employs more than 12 people and has a network of 200 independent broker’s worldwide currently. There have been rumors of more entrants asking to be a part of the Kent organization, but have been placed on waiting lists due to demand.

Thomas J. Kent has many interests outside of work and family. He is a big fan of history, especially American history, and enjoys spending time reading about it. Additionally, he loves photography, playing classical music and exploring new cities. Some of his favorite hobbies include golfing and sailing.

Thomas J Kent is a middle age man who now enjoys spending his time outdoors pursuing his favorite hobbies: fly-fishing and hiking.

Source: nyweekly.com

Fly-fishing has been a passion of Thomas’ since he was a young boy, and he has pursued it ever since. He enjoys hunting for trout in small streams and rivers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, where he resides.

Hiking is another hobby that Thomas enjoys immensely. He especially enjoys exploring classified trails in the Appalachian Mountains, where he can find great views of the countryside and plenty of natural wildlife to observe.

Mr. Kent also writes for Brainz magazine and the Heart of Hollywood magazine. Mr. Kent sits on the the board of more than 5 private companies and NGO’S. He also belongs to several Global fraternities and private organizations. His number

of invitations rise in number to new private and public company boards. However, Mr. Kent uses extreme discretion in selecting the right entities to be a part of, thereby making it competitive for the right companies to get his attention.

The Kent Family Office is Mr. Kent’s personal investment office. It is a single family office. It invests in international real estate, film, art and provides loans to small businesses.

There has been a significant rise in lending loan requests, especially post pandemic. Kent Family office is in the process of evaluating the right candidates to come aboard their exclusive team.

Contact info

Thomas J. Kent, Jr. [email protected]

New York, NY