Reasons Why A Wireless Guitar System Is Worth The Extra Money


In music, it’s all about passion and having fun. Whether you’re working on your solo career or fantasizing about touring with a band – you need to know that your success depends on the instruments. Certainly, one of the instruments we consider the coolest is the guitar. But how do you rule the scene if you constantly stumble on cables? The solution is there – just use a wireless guitar system! But is it worth the money? Here is the answer.


Queen Of The Rock Scene: Electric Guitar

Guitars have had an impact on pop culture like no other instrument. We can rightly say that they are one of the most popular instruments in all world cultures – but also in different musical directions, that is, genres. However, guitars gained the greatest popularity thanks to rock music. From classic rock to heavy metal, the rock scene is literally dominated by guitars – especially electric ones. Once you have mastered the basics of playing the guitar, you will easily play other stringed instruments – from bass guitar to a banjo. However, when your musical desires are met – you’re gonna need some additional equipment. Why? Maybe the better thing is to ask yourself why not.


Electric And Acoustic Guitar: So Similar, And So Different

Acoustic guitars have thicker strings. Such strings require a little tighter moves with a pick or with your fingers. The wooden body of an acoustic guitar must vibrate to produce sound – and therefore, thicker strings are needed. The body of an acoustic guitar is much larger and usually has a thicker neck to be able to withstand the pressure of stronger strings. So, overall, it’s not as easy to play as it seems. On the other hand, the electric guitar is a little easier to play – assuming it is well-tuned. This is because electric guitars have a smaller body, a thinner neck, and softer strings. With electric guitars, pickups, that is, guitar magnets and amplifiers project sound – so even a light touch is enough to play. However, an electric guitar can sometimes give you a headache. Imagine all those cables running under you while you’re on stage. Fortunately, today’s technology has helped us a lot because now most musicians understand the importance of using a wireless guitar system.


Wired Or Wireless Guitar System: What To Choose?

When musicians and guitar specialists start discussing wired and wireless systems – opinions are often divided. Some think that both options affect the sound quality, each in its own way. However, signal flow actually has a more significant effect on the sound. So, what do you decide on then? Experts will tell you that a wireless system is a very good thing worth your money. Here’s why.

No More Stumbling

How many times have you hooked a cable with your foot during a gig? Quite by accident. But accidentally doesn’t always mean harmless. This is how you or some of the members of your band can get hurt. Also, amplifiers and inputs can be damaged in this situation – not to mention the inconvenience and the fact that you will feel stupid if you fall on stage. Not at all a rocker, really. By switching to a wireless system, you can avoid all potential risks – from injuries of your arms and legs to an injured ego. With the use of a wireless system, you will focus only on playing.


There Is Nothing To Limit You

You don’t want any obstacles on stage. Too many devices, cables, and other equipment create a crowd that sometimes you can’t handle. Therefore, you may find yourself in an awkward situation like the one we described in the previous paragraph. Many musicians who have switched to wireless systems claim that wireless systems are an experience that is at least liberating. Although many who have not yet tried the wireless system are wondering about the signal range – we must emphasize that most wireless systems will give you a great signal at a distance of about 20 meters.

You can take a look at, and see what might be the best wireless guitar system for your needs.

If for some reason you need an even greater range – there are brands that bring you these systems with a signal of over 50m. Of course, this also allows you to move more around the stage and thus better performance.

No More Collecting Cables After A Gig

Installing and assembling cables is one of those jobs that no one likes. It takes you a lot of time, and when you think that you have to collect and pack cables after a great gig – you literally get sick. Some bands can afford to pay someone to take care of this issue –  but most still do it on their own. With a wireless system, there is no more hassle about things like this.


There Is No Risk Of Pulling The Cable Out Of The Input

Sometimes during a gig, you happen to walk on stage. One small move, or a few more steps, can cost you pulling the cable out of the amp in the middle of a gig. This can be embarrassing, and it actually happens far more often than you think. Therefore, using a wireless guitar system is the simplest and best solution for such situations.

No Cracking Sound

What worries skeptics who have not yet opted for wireless systems is the sound quality. You don’t have to worry about that. In fact, this is one of the advantages of wireless guitar systems. It is known that cables wear out. Then it happens that in the middle of the gig we hear that irritating crackling sound. With the use of a wireless system, you can forget about such problems. Moving around the stage and good sound without crackling will be the best reference for which it is worth investing money in a wireless guitar system.



We hope we’ve given you enough reason to consider switching to a wireless guitar system. The sound quality will not suffer, especially if you opt for some of the reliable brands. Also, you will have more freedom of movement on stage – and your stage performance will be another advantage that your band will have. Although many are initially intimidated when thinking about the price – we must point out that these systems are actually quite affordable. You can find good wireless systems for a price under $ 100. While you will say that cable is a cheaper option – a wireless system is far more worthwhile in the long run.