Yasmeen Ghauri Net Worth 2020

Many people known Yasmeen Ghauri from various commercials and covers that she did during her career. It should be noted that she was one of the most wanted models during her career. As far as her personal life is concerned; we should mention that she was born on the 23rd march in 1971.

She was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and she is Canadian. Also, we can also mention some of the modeling information about her. More precisely, she has dark brown hair and eyes and she is 1.79m high.


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Personal Life & Early Career

It should be also noted that she comes from a family with mixed ethnicities. More precisely, her mother, Linda, is of German origin and her father, Moin Ghauri, is of Pakistani origin. We should also point out that she was brought up to be a Muslim and that she did not have an easy childhood.

To be more precise, other kids in school used to make fun of her or to bully her due to the fact that she was a Pakistani Muslim. There is also one interesting thing about her and it is her trip to Mecca. We are talking about the traditional pilgrimage to this city which is called Islamic Hajj. She was only 12 when she and her parents went on this trip. She was just a young teenager when she started to work in McDonald’s.


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It would turn out that this would be the best thing that she could have done since it was in McDonald’s that she got discovered. She was discovered by Edward Zaccharia, one of the best hairdressers in Canada at that time. It should be also emphasized that before Yasmeen Ghauri there was a trend in the modeling industry that favored women who were Nordic like.

However, now the shift was for a more ethnic model and she is to be thanked for that. Her modeling career had a bumpy start in terms of her parents who did not approve of this. However, she continued and she started to work in Milan and Paris. The stepping stone for her took place in 1990 when she moved to NYC. She was the one who started the Canadian Invasion in the modeling business and the one who opened the doors to numerous models from Canada.

We should also point out that she appeared in the music video for the song performed by Elton John and Chris Isaak. She ended her career in 1996. We should also mention that she is happily married to a Jewish lawyer; and that the couple has a son named Victor and a daughter named Maia.

Yasmeen Ghauri Net Worth 2020

She has been working since she was a teenager and she has had one of the best modeling careers in the world. All this brought her a good life and solid earnings. As far as Yasmeen Ghauri net worth is concerned, there are various data about it, but all of them place it between $1 million and $10 million.


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