Do Most YouTubers Use Premiere Pro?


When it comes to the online world there are so many opportunities and so many possibilities that it is rather hard to fail, if you invest yourself in this. With the rise of online streaming platforms, we all got several new things that could be financially viable for everyone.

To make an online world something that can support you and that can be a steady flow of cash you need some things. You need to choose a platform, you need a PC, you need a niche and you need some hardware and software to make it all work. When it comes to online gaming, and this is one of the most represented online jobs nowadays, you need to choose a game that will capture your and the attention of your audience. You need to have a good enough PC to stream and play and you need some tools to help you do it.

When it comes to hardware it is all up to you, from stream decks to cameras, mics, controllers and whatnot, you have the choice in front of you and you should pick whatever you need and whatever makes you comfortable. When it comes to software you have to choose one of two things.


Software is what makes all of your content and hard work even better and streamlined to certain audiences or content. If you want to edit your content fast and like a pro, you have two choices – Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

Today we will talk a bit about adobe and if the YouTubers like this more and why is that so. If you want to be a cut above others or to add more to your story go ahead and check out and get a copy for yourself.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a software that allows you to edit your videos, this much is clear. But what makes it so good and so popular? First off let us tell you that we have done some research and asked around some of the biggest YouTube channels what type of editing software they use and the answer was, by the majority, Premiere Pro.

You are probably interested in what makes it so popular?! Well, the clear-cut answer is plenty of things, but let’s start from the beginning. One of the things that makes Adobe so popular is the fact that they are on both PC OS – MAC and Windows. This is something that is rather appealing to so many of us because you have an option to switch if you don’t like the product. With Final Cut Pro you don’t get that. If you are a Mack user you are pretty much stuck with it whether you love it or not. You do have the option of switching OS and systems but who wants to do that when you can simply download other software, pay for a licence and start using it immediately? This is a clear point and a great feature of Adobe Premiere Pro.


The next thing that so many users like about this video editing software is the learning curve. This software is so easy to tackle that you will be laughing, but only if you manage to find good guides and if you use tips and trick straight from adobe. Yes, there are some corner-cutting techniques that seasoned users can tell you all about so keep an eye on those. So, it is beginner-friendly and it will not take you six months to learn the basics. The UI of the software is one of the best out there and it is very slick and intuitive which suits beginners, but there is a thing we want to tell you about. It is a bit of a paradox but this software becomes increasingly hard when you are good at it and when you are striving for being great.

As far as the capabilities of this software go it is stacked, meaning it has almost all the features you might ever need. In this category, they are sweeping the floor with their competition and if you consider only this, you will never go for any other video editing software. It has some features and options that can help you speed up your video editing, rendering and much more. With those features enabled, given the fact that your PC allows them and can cater to them, your editing times of even 4K videos might be brought down significantly. What does that mean? Well, less time rendering gives you more time for other lucrative things because time = money.

When we are on the topic of money, most think that Adobe’s video editing software can be a bit expensive but when you consider what you get you can’t argue that they are the champions of packing a punch. You do have to pay somewhat more than you might imagine but what you get makes this acceptable.


Another thing that must be stated here and you need to be aware that this is not just the issue of Premiere Pro but others as well, the hardware of your PC plays the role in the productivity of your software. Premiere Pro is rather hard on low-end machines and, while you can use it and do the job you intended, the times and the waiting game might not be worth it. So, when you decide to go with this or any other video editing software, make sure you check the specs it needs to optimally run and do the job it needs to do.

Whatever you choose make sure you make an educated decision. We hope that we helped at least in some way and if there is anything else you need to know feel free to ask us. We also suggest searching around the internet for more info and other user reviews and making a final decision on that. Also, try and look for promo prices and trial periods and get a first-hand experience that will either make you buy it or skip it.

So long for now and happy editing.